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Doing It Different

Aug 3, 2021

This episode has 2 parts. In the first half, I interview Todd Shipman of Sun Piper Wellness - who was my Kambo practitioner. We discuss why he started doing Kambo, what the active compounds are in Kambo, and what it feels like to be on Kambo. Todd also discusses what he's experienced being a practitioner and the outcomes he's seen in his clients.

In the second half, my husband, Austin, and I sit down to share our three-day journey with Kambo Amazonian frog medicine. We talk about what we felt in our body and the mental experience when doing it, why we decided to do it, and what advice we have for other people who may feel called try Kambo.


  • 5:40 What is Kambo Amazonian frog medicine
  • 15:09 Who Kambo is a good fit for and some of the reasons people do it 
  • 23:34 Finding the right Kambo practitioner 
  • 44:48 What the first time doing Kambo felt like 
  • 50:09 Tips for people interested in experiencing Kambo


Guest: Todd Shipman 

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