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Doing It Different

Jul 26, 2022

Tracey started a backyard city garden and within a few years sold her house to buy land in Texas. All for the love of growing your own food. 

This episode shares the mistakes made along the way, what life with a dairy cow is really like and where you can start if homesteading is your dream. 

Guest: Tracey Grant


  • 10:36 Where to start homesteading when you’ve never done it before
  • 17:17 Farming mistakes to learn from 
  • 23:27 Considerations for canning & preserving food
  • 36:47 Methods for housing farm animals 
  • 41:15 Life with a dairy cow 
  • 56:18 Making cheese with raw milk 
  • 1:07:58 Resources for beginning homesteading and growing your own food

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