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Doing It Different

May 3, 2022

Toxins are everywhere - food, makeup, clothes, and unfortunately, it’s not always easy to tell what’s safe and what’s not. 

This episode is to help you build up knowledge so you can make toxic-free choices to protect yourself and your family from toxin exposure.


  • 15:37 Endocrine disrupters: what they are and how chemicals mimic them 
  • 17:54 How toxins enter the body: the 5 main routes 
  • 20:19 Where toxins accumulate in the body: in fat 
  • 22:52 Kids are more sensitive to toxin exposure 
  • 33:58 What to avoid and what to look for to protect yourself and your family from toxin exposure
  • 36:12 Why you should check fragrances for phthalates before using them 
  • 42:11 BPA-free is not necessarily better 

Guest: Dr. Yvonne Burkhart

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