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Doing It Different

Jan 26, 2021

Austin joins me for my first ever "Ask Me Anything" episode. Ready to get personal?

Austin joined us last month on the podcast and we were delighted to see just how much you enjoyed the show. Since then, we got back into the studio to record our first Ask Me Anything episode.

Thanks to my Instagram community we have a ton of questions to go over ranging from the COVID-19 vaccine and politics to love and marriage. With topics like these, things were bound to get vulnerable, controversial, and even a little steamy.

Stay tuned to get our take on how to decide if the COVID-19 vaccine is right for you, being friends with people who have different political views, nontoxic living, marriage, and spicing up your sex life. This episode truly has something for everyone.


Episode Highlights: 

  • 6:56 Living in Austin, TX: Is it overrated? 
  • 10:54 That one time Carly wasn’t into health and wellness
  • 12:22 Our house hacking strategy that pays our mortgage
  • 14:37 The role alcohol plays in Austin and Carly’s life
  • 16:10 Getting the COVID-19 vaccine
  • 20:37 Being friends with people we disagree with
  • 23:28 Staying mentally strong when facing chronic illness 
  • 29:14 Creating a nontoxic home
  • 31:58 Austin and Carly’s first impressions of each other
  • 35:45 What it’s like preparing to have kids
  • 39:42 Having seasonal check ins with your partner
  • 42:12 A day in the life of Austin and Carly’s marriage
  • 44:32 How to improve your sex life
  • 50:00 Navigating the political landscape and social media

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