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Doing It Different

Dec 29, 2020

Are you unknowingly releasing millions of toxic particles into your home each and every day? If you aren’t using nontoxic candles, the answer is yes.

Most people on a nontoxic journey know the usual suspects: plastic containers, nonstick pans, and household cleaning products. However, if you’re filling your home with scents of fresh-baked pumpkin pie by burning candles for hours on end, you have a lot to gain from today’s episode.

Katie Roering, cofounder of the Fontana Candle Company, had no idea she'd ever own a candle company. But four years ago, she became ill and saw countless doctors to no avail. After doing her own research, Katie discovered she had a mold toxicity problem. Ever since she's been passionate about health and wellness and keeps it at the heart of her brand.

Today she's joining us on this episode to talk about what's actually in your household candle. (Spoiler alert: it’s essentially scented gasoline sludge. Yikes.) You’ll learn about how 95% of the candles on the market aren't safe, what fragrances can include, how to not fall victim to greenwashing, and what to expect when buying nontoxic candles. 

If you’ve ever wondered what’s actually burning in your candles, this episode is for you. 

Episode Highlights: 

  • 3:47 The difference between conventional and nontoxic candles
  • 5:27 Why soy candles aren't necessarily safe
  • 7:59 Ingredients candle companies don't need to tell you about 
  • 11:16 Balancing nontoxic living and your favorite things
  • 13:33 How Fontana Candle Company crafts nontoxic candles
  • 18:18 One trusted certification to look for when buying nontoxic products
  • 20:26 How mold toxicity changed Katie’s life forever
  • 23:31 Katie and Carly’s favorite candle scents

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Guest Bio:

Katie Roering is the cofounder and CEO of Fontana Candle Company. Her journey began in 2017 after a friend gifted her a name brand candle that smelled amazing, but only after a day of burning it, she and her husband experienced headaches and felt horrible. They decided to research candles and were horrified at what they discovered. Ever since they've been committed to creating candles from all-natural ingredients that not only smell amazing but are also safe to enjoy.