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Doing It Different

Nov 17, 2020

Getting rid of mold in your home is a serious task that needs to be done correctly to see results.

Have you found mold in your home or apartment and aren’t sure what to do? Are you confused about what a proper remediation plan looks like?  Want to know how to best prevent mold growth so you have a safe and healthy home? If so, today's episode is for you.

Brian Karr, a mold inspection and environmental consultant, is back on the show to talk about getting rid of mold and maintaining a safe home. Brian and I recorded an episode a few weeks ago about testing for mold in your home. I had so many follow-up questions for him that I knew I had to bring him back! 

This week we're going over all things related to dealing with mold exposure. We talk about how renters should approach a moldy situation, what a proper remediation plan looks like, the biggest mistakes people make when remediating their home and so much more.

Episode Highlights: 

  • 5:32 The top 3 prevention actions for reducing mold in your home
  • 9:58 What the ideal level of humidity in your home should be
  • 13:22 What to keep and throw away when getting rid of mold
  • 19:21 How to clean furniture that was in a moldy environment
  • 22:54 What a proper remediation plan looks like
  • 27:32 Brian’s take on mold sprays and the #1 thing you should never touch at a hotel
  • 33:55 Do air purifiers actually work?
  • 35:20 What to do if you’re exposed to mold and you are a renter
  • 42:18 The biggest mistakes people make when remediating 
  • 47:50 The best way to test an HVAC system
  • 49:42 Debunking whether all molds are toxic 
  • 53:07 How to tell if a home is moldy
  • 1:00:11 Get in touch with Brian Karr

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Guest Bio:

Brian Karr is a second-generation indoor environmental consultant who specializes in working with hypersensitive individuals with complex medical conditions. He helps them to understand if mold, mycotoxins, or other indoor pathogens exist in their homes that may be contributing to their health conditions, and how to remedy those issues. Brian has become a go-to mold & biotoxin resource for many medical practitioners across the country and has helped over 3,000 hypersensitive individuals nationwide to create healthier living environments that have allowed their doctors to help them get better.

Brian is the co-founder of We Inspect, a national indoor environmental assessment company specializing in mold and biotoxin detection and management for hypersensitive individuals. He is also the creator of Mold Masterclass a digital training program developed for hypersensitive individuals and the doctors who treat them. The program teaches its students how to identify and remove mold and mycotoxins from their homes so they can get healthy again.

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