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Doing It Different

Sep 15, 2020

Has relationship conflict ever made you question if you chose the right partner?

Love and Relationship Coach, Annie Lalla, is clear when she says, “Love is not for the faint-hearted. It’s a gladiator sport.”

I first learned about Annie and her work through Adee and Michael, who joined us on episode 4 of this podcast. She is their longtime relationship coach and they have sung per praises ever since I met them. 

Annie’s gift of improving relationships is incredible. If you’ve ever experienced relationship conflict, this episode is perfect for you. Today we discuss how to have a healthy relationship, work through conflict, and practice self-regulation.


Episode Highlights: 

  • 3:13 Annie’s discovery of her relationship superpower as an IT consultant
  • 6:41 How you’ve hired your partner for the most important role in your life 
  • 9:17 What your partner’s complaints and frustrations are actually doing to you
  • 11:20 The two different dynamics in a successful relationship
  • 13:39 How Annie and her husband continuously teach each other 
  • 18:59 What envy, shame, and jealousy disguise themselves as
  • 24:00 Why your childhood upbringing is affecting how you show up in your relationship
  • 27:54 The “Copy and Paste” method for understanding your partner
  • 32:12 Three ways to self regulate in the middle of a conflict
  • 38:12 The sacred tool you and your partner can use to protect your relationship
  • 41:23 Why relationships will always experience conflict
  • 45:49 How to be an individual in your relationship
  • 51:27 What true love actually requires from you
  • 57:48 How you can connect with Annie

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Guest Bio

Annie Lalla is a Love and Relationship Coach with an Honors Science Degree in Biology & Philosophy (minor in Buddhism), Annie’s studies include evolutionary psychology, integral theory, spiral dynamics, inter-generational family systems, and therapeutic sexuality. With professional certifications in Coaching, NLP and Clinical Hypnosis, her tools extend to metaphoric narrative, role-play and interacting with clients as their highest selves.

In her coaching, Annie helps individuals attract, create and foster extraordinary connections that maximize freedom and minimize shame.

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