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Doing It Different

Jul 13, 2021

Alex Snodgrass discovered a new perspective on food after doing Whole30. The result was life-changing in more ways than one.

Alex Snodgrass is the foodie behind The Defined Dish. Alex has always loved food and how it brings people together. After a Whole30 experience changed her life, Alex started sprinkling Whole30 and Paleo influences throughout her food which birthed her first book that many know and love: The Defined Dish: Healthy and Wholesome Weeknight Recipes.

Tune in as Alex shares everything you want to know about writing a cookbook, her favorite recipes and kitchen must-haves, along with a sneak peek into her newest book that’s available for preorder, The Comfortable Kitchen. Alex also shares how she amassed a huge social media following, how she balances Instagram vs real life and her wellness non-negotiable for a happy life.


  • 4:15 Alex’s 5 go-to kitchen must-haves
  • 7:47 How Alex leveraged Instagram to connect with her audience
  • 17:06 How Alex’s Whole30 experience impacted her anxiety
  • 27:49 Behind the scenes of writing a cookbook
  • 46:00 Advice for aspiring food bloggers

Guest: Alex Snodgrass 

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