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Doing It Different

Jul 27, 2021

We each have a different path to optimal health based on our unique experiences, genetics, and actions. Today we look at health beyond food and how you can start taking control of your personal wellness. 

Tyler Jean (you may know him on Instagram as Functional Foods), is a naturopathic doctor whose approach is holistically-minded but rooted in science. 

In this episode, we go deep into health beyond food and a wide range of wellness topics. Tyler gives advice on detoxing the body and the organ systems we often forget about in the process. We talk about one of my favorite things - saunas - and their healing benefits. Tyler and I agree on the importance of sleep and discuss why the “I’ll sleep when I’m dead” approach could lead to serious health issues for you. We end on ACEs (adverse childhood experiences) and the research showing the massive impact trauma can have on our health. 


  • 15:38 Detox - what’s actually happening in the body
  • 21:51 Basic detoxification practices 
  • 31:03 Saunas and their role in detoxifying metals and mold 
  • 37:11 Why sleep is is one of the keys to holistic health
  • 48:37 ACEs explained: childhood trauma and its impact on our health

Guest: Dr. Tyler Jean

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