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Doing It Different

Dec 6, 2022

What to get excited about for the new year with Doing It Different with a quick check-in from Carly before 2023.


  • Life with a newborn 
  • Building a house 
  • Envisioning the future 
  • New topics and themes for the new year

Health Resources

Nov 22, 2022

The science behind keeping the spark alive (and what this really means). Enrich your sex life when you learn the secrets of love and sex research. 

Guest: Dr. Amy Muise


  • The secret to keeping the spark alive in your relationship
  • How to plan date nights that deeper the connection with your partner
  • What to do...

Nov 15, 2022

Movement impacts brain development in children. As adults, we can reorganize our brains and unlearn past trauma and patterns by recreating early movement in our bodies. 

In the Cortex shares the mind-altering (literally) work they do to help people move from a disorganized brain to an organized brain (and what...

Nov 8, 2022

Many of us experience the most common sources of toxin exposure every day.

There are more than 84,000 chemicals approved for use in the United States, and nearly 99% of people, when tested, show contamination with several harmful toxins.

Guest: Lara Adler


  • The most common sources of toxin exposure
  • The law...

Nov 1, 2022

Dr. Jennifer Mercier is a naturopathic doctor and midwife with over a decade of experience. She is known for the creation of Mercier Therapy. 

This episode is about how important bodywork is and how much it can really improve and help us live healthier lives and reach our goals. 

Guest: Dr. Jennifer...