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Doing It Different

Oct 26, 2021

What might be lurking in your home that’s making you sick? Mold, formaldehyde, or worse!? Traditional construction and home design elements are filled with toxic chemicals - so we’re talking about steps you can take to make a non-toxic home. 

Ashley Spanovich of Awakening Spaces is an interior designer who has built her career helping people build non-toxic homes designed for human health. She's also on her way to becoming a building biologist, which is the gold standard for healthy homes building and design. 

In this episode, Ashley is sharing tips and products you can use to create a non-toxic home. We cover how to reduce and avoid mold and EMFs. Plus - Ashley walks us through some of the key areas, like the kitchen and bedroom, and covers simple and totally doable things you can do in each space to improve health quality. 

Make sure you have a pen and pencil out for this one because there's a lot of good tips and recommendations in this one!


  • 20:01 Measuring EMF and knowing what’s in your home 
  • 28:22 Reducing toxins: kitchen 
  • 34:14 Reducing toxins: bathroom 
  • 40:05 Reducing toxins: bedroom 
  • 45:30 Why conventional furniture can be unhealthy

Guest: Ashley Spanovich

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