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Doing It Different

Oct 19, 2021

For-profit practices have caused the eyeglass industry to act in their own best interests - not yours. What they’re not telling you is if you’re nearsighted (meaning you have Myopia) you might be able to improve your vision, for good, without glasses. 

Jake Steiner is the founder of When Jake was told he needed glasses he didn’t simply accept it as most of us do. After years of experiments and vision exercises of his own creation, he was able to restore his vision. 

He has now helped 10k+ people with Myopia heal their own vision, without using glasses. 

This is a classic example of doing it different - not succumbing to the status quo and finding a new approach with creativity, logic, and science. 

I hope this episode “opens your eyes” to new information and a new way of thinking and I hope it encourages you to ask questions like “why” in your life like it has for me.


  • 12:55 What exactly myopia is 
  • 15:32 The causes of myopia and why it’s on the rise 
  • 23:10 Why eyeglasses might be making your vision worse in the long term 
  • 31:00 How the average eye doctor treats myopia and why it’s a flawed system
  • 39:29 Jakes methods on how you can improve your myopia 

Guest: Jake Steiner

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