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Doing It Different

Oct 5, 2021

When we embody our power and rise together as women in global sisterhood, we transform the world. Women’s circles are an ancient tradition of healing and community. 

My friend, Lauren Walsh, is the founder of Global Sisterhood, an organization that teaches women how to facilitate the ancient tradition of healing and transformative circles guided by the moon cycle.

Women are the healers, mothers, and caretakers of this world, and the rise of patriarchy and oppression of femininity has caused us all great pain. In this episode, Lauren and I talk about how this shows up as sisterhood wounds, and how all women all have them. 

I am such a fan of Lauren's work and who she is, and I am so excited to offer you this conversation today.


  • 9:02 How the Global Sisterhood movement spread internationally
  • 23:10 How the patriarchy is harmful to us all - men and women
  • 30:17 Sisterhood wounds and what they are
  • 39:03 Key elements of women’s circles that bond the group together 

Guest: Lauren Walsh 

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