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Doing It Different

May 25, 2021

We're led to believe that period pain, endometriosis, and fertility and hormone issues are completely normal. The truth is, they’re not, and today’s guest is here to tell you why.

Hormone health is the foundation of overall health and here to help bring this area of your life back into balance is Dr. Aviva Romm. Aviva has been on my dream guest list for a long time. She’s been a doctor, herbalist, and midwife for over 35 years and the depth of knowledge she has around hormone health shines through our episode.

Tune in to learn more about hormone health, hormone imbalances, and what having “healthy hormones” actually means. Dr. Aviva also shares how intertwined your hormone health is with your gut and thyroid, and how she is raising daughters to have hormone intelligence.


  • 10:05 What the Hidden Hormone Epidemic is
  • 20:09 What having healthy hormones looks like
  • 33:13 Daily practices Dr. Aviva Romm has in place to protect her health and hormones
  • 38:29 The connection between gut health and hormone health
  • 44:05 The fundamental pillars of hormone health

Guest: Dr. Aviva Romm

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