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Doing It Different

May 18, 2021

Can close your mouth and breathe through your nose for 60 seconds? If not, you may want to consider a breathing evaluation.

Good oral health and proper breathing are key to your overall health and longevity. Unfortunately, breathing and orthodontic issues are becoming an epidemic.

In this episode, Dr. Ariana Ebrahimian of Ebrahimian Integrative Dentistry goes into detail about the current oral health issues we're facing as a society, key things parents should be looking for as their children's jaws and breathing habits are developing, and what you need to know to maintain good oral health well into the future.


  • 10:27 Common breathing issues and what healthy breathing looks like
  • 19:35 The origins of the small jaw, high palate, crooked teeth epidemic and how these things contribute to breathing issues
  • 33:58 Breathing issues to look for in your kids, starting at birth
  • 48:47 The best things parents can do to support healthy teeth and jaw in their children

Guest: Dr. Ariana Ebrahimian, DDS

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