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Doing It Different

May 11, 2021

The effects of chronic illness can take a toll on nearly every area of your life. Today's guest shares how she took back control.

Holly Owens is a model, Instagram influencer, and health + wellness advocate who popularized bee venom therapy after her diagnosis with Lyme disease. Her openness and honesty around her health has resonated with so many people and her rapid growth on Instagram is a testament to that fact.

Today we talk about her recovery from Lyme, what’s helped her become 100% symptom-free, and how plant medicine has been a part of her healing journey. We also dive into her relationship with her partner, what their recipe for relationship success is and how chronic illness can affect your sex life and libido.


  • 7:53 Holly’s diagnoses with Lyme disease and using bee venom therapy is for healing
  • 20:18 Becoming an Instagram influencer
  • 32:55 Carly’s profound experiences with Ayahuasca
  • 48:41 Navigating sex and different levels of libido in a relationship
  • 55:43 Redefining productivity based on your human design

Guest: Holly Owens

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