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Doing It Different

May 4, 2021

Half of the people on earth suffer from dental disease. Dr. Leedia is here to help you avoid being one of them.

Dr. Leedia Riman, DDS is clear when she says, you can’t have a healthy body without a healthy mouth. With a focus in supporting the dental health of women before, during, and after pregnancy, Dr. Leedia joins us today to talk about how your hormones can be affecting your dental health.

From periods and birth control to pregnancy and menopause, Dr. Leedia shares what you can do to reduce or mitigate some of these negative impacts.


  • 8:45 Why you can’t have a healthy body without a healthy mouth
  • 15:53 How women can support their dental health throughout pregnancy
  • 28:26 How birth control affects your teeth
  • 38:03 How Dr. Leedia sets the foundation for healthy dental habits with her children
  • 1:01:10 The oral care routine Dr. Leedia suggests to her patients

Guest: Dr. Leedia Riman, DDS

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