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Doing It Different

Sep 22, 2020

Brooke Geahan went from running her own company to being bedridden for two years. Today she credits bee venom therapy with saving her life.

Brooke's life was turned upside after being diagnosed with late-stage Lyme disease and the co-infections that came along with it. Those infections turned into life-threatening autoimmune diseases she battled alongside cancer.

After spending over $150,000 of her life savings on Western medicine to no avail, she turned to bee venom therapy. Within a few weeks of treatment, she knew she found her answer.

Today, Brooke has eradicated her Lyme disease and reversed every single reversible autoimmune disease she had. As a result of her journey, she is a big proponent of bee venom therapy and is the founder of The Heal Hive.

In this episode, we talk about what bee venom therapy is, its ancient history, what being on the protocol is like, and the benefits that come with it.


Episode Highlights: 

  • 2:46 Brooke’s sudden and debilitating experience with Lyme disease
  • 5:07 Why Brooke chose bee venom therapy and what her remarkable recovery looked like
  • 8:22 Apitherapy's ancient history
  • 10:51 The struggle against the $108B autoimmune industry
  • 12:59 How bee venom therapy eradicates infections
  • 15:50 What being on the protocol looks like
  • 19:29 Why bee venom is particularly helpful for autoimmune disease
  • 22:48 The anti-inflammatory benefits of bee venom
  • 26:12 An overview of histamine and why women have higher chances of having an autoimmune disease than men
  • 30:28 Heal Hive’s extensive testing process and why they leave no stone unturned
  • 35:11 The 14-hour safety protocol Heal Hive commits its members to
  • 36:55 Brooke’s philosophy on holistic and Western medicine
  • 37:39 Heal Hive’s approach to taking the guesswork out of healing
  • 41:51 Why even well-intentioned doctors turn into marketers instead of healers
  • 47:49 How bee venom therapy is a sustainable practice that supports bees long term
  • 51:06 Being a beekeeper while living in the city
  • 52:38 The difference between a regular bee sting and therapy
  • 54:02 How you can get in touch with The Heal Hive and learn more about apitherapy

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Guest Bio

Brooke Geahan is the founder of The Heal Hive, the first educational platform for Bee Venom Therapy that combines science-backed research with a prescriptive approach to using bee venom safely and effectively –all of which is overseen by medical professionals. After nearly losing her life to a combination of Late Stage Lyme Disease, reactivated Epstein Barr Virus, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, multiple severe Autoimmune disorders, Celiac disease, and melanoma cancer, Brooke became one of the pioneers of modern Bee Venom Therapy. You can find her on Instagram @everydayexpert & @thehealhive where she empowers hundreds of clients worldwide to take healing into their own hands.

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