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Doing It Different

Sep 8, 2020

Choosing a natural cancer treatment can seem risky and dangerous in the face of something so terrifying. For this week’s guest, it completely transformed her life.

Carly Brown chose a healthy lifestyle for years - she was a health coach, yoga teacher, practiced having a non-toxic home, and shopped at local farmer’s markets on Sundays. So you can imagine the shock she experienced after being suddenly diagnosed with thyroid cancer. 

Her doctor put pressure on her to have surgery immediately and begin conventional cancer treatments. However, being involved in the holistic health world, Carly knew there was another option.

In this episode, we are digging into Carly’s initial cancer diagnosis, her decision to pursue natural cancer treatment, and how her diagnosis has shaped her life today.

Episode Highlights: 

  • 3:13 Carly’s life before cancer
  • 5:37 How Instagram brought Carly Johnson and Carly Brown together
  • 8:13 The warning signs Carly’s body was giving her
  • 12:28 Carly’s thyroid cancer diagnosis and her doctor’s recommendations
  • 14:08 Deciding to pursue natural cancer treatment
  • 17:28 What’s it’s like going to a holistic healing center
  • 19:00 The surprising root cause of cancer that was festering for 12 years
  • 21:06 Understanding the credibility of holistic doctors 
  • 23:20 Carly’s eye-opening results after 8 weeks of treatment
  • 25:39 Discovering Hope 4 Cancer and the results patients were seeing
  • 28:03 The spectrum of cancer treatment available to you
  • 30:21 What the treatment process at Hope 4 Cancer looked like
  • 34:46 The mindset shifts Carly took on for her transformation
  • 38:33 How Carly is living life unapologetically 
  • 46:35 Choosing to looking at cancer from a different perspective
  • 50:28 The current state of Carly’s cancer
  • 52:40 Carly’s day to day cancer treatment routine

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Guest Bio

Carly Brown is a holistic health coach, yogi, juice enthusiast, wife, and mother on a mission to contribute to a happier, healthier world. Inspired by her experience naturally healing thyroid cancer, Carly launched Alchemy Juice, a local juice delivery company in Austin, Texas and an 8-week detox course, The Daily Detox. She loves spending time barefoot in her kitchen making raw food meals, exploring with her husband and son, Cruz, and traveling to beautiful places off the beaten path.

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