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Doing It Different

Aug 31, 2021

Food is not medicine. It is the baseline of health and if we eat it properly, we won’t need all the ‘medicine’.” - Unique Hammond


My guest on this episode is Unique Hammond, a holistic nutritionist, Crohn's survivor, and Bean Protocol expert. 


In this episode, we’re talking about the Bean Protocol. While I haven’t used this protocol myself (yet!), I'm excited to learn more with you because it has helped so many people and gained a lot of attention recently. 


Whether you’re deep into your healing journey or just starting I hope this episode is a light to show that healing is possible. Unique’s story is absolutely incredible, and if you’ve lost sight of your hope for healing, lean on this story, and maybe even the Bean Protocol, to get your hope back.



  • 21:21 Who the Bean Protocol is beneficial for 
  • 33:38 Food prep when following the Bean Protocol
  • 35:54 Patterns and success stories Unique has seen 
  • 40:38 Clarifications and breaking misconceptions about the Bean Protocol


Guest: Unique Hammond 

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