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Doing It Different

Aug 17, 2021

Red Light Therapy is a phenomenal tool and one I highly recommend adding to your health toolkit. Relief for people with chronic disease and pain, reducing aging, promoting healthy skin, and healing scar tissue are just a handful of the things Red Light Therapy can do. 

My guest in this episode is Dr. Michael Belkowski, a Physical Therapist and CEO/ Founder of BioLight, a Red Light Therapy device manufacturer and online shop. 

Dr. Belkowski and I break down Red Light Therapy and answer all your questions about this amazing healing therapy. Dr. Belkowski discusses some of the health issues Red Light Therapy can help with (hint: it’s an amazing mitochondria healer, which is often the root cause of disease and chronic illnesses). 


  • 12:53 How Red Light Therapy works and what photobiomodulation is
  • 20:48 The health issues Red Light Therapy is beneficial for 
  • 23:17 Aging, mitochondrial health and the impacts of Red Light Therapy 
  • 35:59 Is there a general protocol for using Red Light Therapy?
  • 44:15 Is Red Light Therapy safe for kids and pets?

Guest: Dr. Michael Belkowski

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