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Doing It Different

Aug 10, 2021

“The body is a manifestation of the subconscious mind…” Hashimoto’s is much more than just a thyroid disease - it can wreak havoc on the brain, liver, and other organs. If you or someone you know has this disease this is a great listen to learn how Hashimoto’s and the body function are intricately connected. 

Thyroid expert and Chinese Medicine practitioner Mark Ryan is here to talk about autoimmune diseases and their impact on the entire body. Mark is also the author of How to Heal Hashimoto’s and The Hashimoto’s Healing Diet. 

Mark and I discuss the simple truth about Hashimoto’s: it's way more than a thyroid problem. Over time it progressively becomes a body-wide disorder. 


  • 14:39 The spectrum of autoimmune diseases 
  • 19:39 What’s happening in the body when Hashimoto’s is present 
  • 22:24 How Hashimoto’s and the brain are connected 
  • 25:28 Hypothyroidism in connection to the liver 
  • 27:57 The kidneys and how they’re impacted by Hashimoto’s 

Guest: Mark Ryan

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