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Doing It Different

Nov 15, 2022

Movement impacts brain development in children. As adults, we can reorganize our brains and unlearn past trauma and patterns by recreating early movement in our bodies. 

In the Cortex shares the mind-altering (literally) work they do to help people move from a disorganized brain to an organized brain (and what that means). 

Guest: Dani & Paloma with In the Cortex


  • 3:45 Programing to support better brain function 
  • 12:21 The symptoms of a disorganized brain 
  • 14:02 Why babies crawl & the specific way the human brain develops 
  • 20:50 How you move tells the story of your nervous system
  • 30:25 Reorganizing your brain by recreating early movement patterns 
  • 44:20 Support better learning habits in your children’s brains 

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