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Doing It Different

Sep 27, 2022

Learn about the supplement industry, and how to know the good from the bad. Plus - some of my favorite supplements and the magic of magnesium. 

We talk about developing Wade’s supplement line, why it stands out why it's different from the rest, and why 80% of the supplements out there are junk. We also talk about my favorite Bio Optimizer supplements, magnesium breakthrough, gluten guardian, and a few others.

This is not a special sponsored episode, I really do use and love these supplements. Full disclosure, BioOptimizers does support the podcast in other ways and I do have a discount code for you below - because I love them and use them myself.

Guest: Wade Lightheart


  • 10:19 You can’t outsource your health 
  • 16:37 Hydration and the best way to ensure your actual cells are hydrated 
  • 24:18 The supplement industry and what to watch out for  
  • 29:20 How to still eat gluten, even when your gut can’t tolerate it

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