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Doing It Different

Sep 6, 2022

This conversation is about coming home to yourself after divorce. It’s one of those bombs that hurts while you’re in it but can be a key to finding your true self. 

This conversation is raw and honest and Bryn openly shares her heart and story. I see all women in parts of her story, whether that woman is in a happy relationship or going through a breakup. What Bryn shares is the epitome of being human. 

Guest: Bryn Daylor


  • 8:26 Bryn’s discovery of her codependence and what that led to
  • 15:10 Bringing more intention into your relationship
  • 23:44 Building a new relationship with yourself
  • 38:25 How to find something that allows you to have integrity 
  • 39:21 “Gifts” Bryn received from her divorce 
  • 1:02:02 Ways for people to understand their desires 

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