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Doing It Different

Aug 16, 2022

With cancer rates rising it’s time to question what has been standard conventional treatment for years and look for a more holistic approach to beating the cancer epidemic.

Dr. Leigh Erin Connealy is the Medical Director of two amazing clinics: The Cancer Center For Healing & Center For New Medicine. She joins me to talk mostly about cancer but also how everything is connected and chronic health and autoimmunity, and metabolic disorders all play a role in our overall health and our cancer risk.

This episode is definitely a favorite, check it out!

Guest: Dr. Leigh Erin Connealy


  • 16:44 The most common type of cancer 
  • 27:05 Early symptoms of cancer to monitor for 
  • 36:41 Conventional cancer care and its outcomes 
  • 55:39 Dr. Connealy’s most important message about cancer

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