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Doing It Different

Jun 28, 2022

We’re talking about all things safe and effective for baby products. How to have a non-toxic nursery & life. 

This episode is designed to help you make the best decisions for your family. How to do your own research, where to prioritize, and some tips to make your budget work for a non-toxic life. 

Guest: Aida Garcia-Toledo


  • 12:39 Why a non-toxic lifestyle is more important today than ever before
  • 17:12 The points in life when we are most vulnerable to toxins
  • 22:21 How to prioritize products for your baby and what to look for in your most used products (non-toxic bottles, diapers, car seats & strollers)
  • 40:13 How to have a low-tox home & why performance fabrics are bad 
  • 51:05 What greenwashing is and what to look out for 

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