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Doing It Different

Dec 7, 2021

Ozone is the element of the future with Ozone Therapy. It’s a gas that can heal infection, cleanse bodies, and prolong life.

Micah Lowe, the founder of Simply O3 (a company that makes an ozone therapy machine) is my guest on this episode. Ozone is a fascinating element that has a ton of health benefits. 

This episode is intended to serve at ozone therapy 101. We’re clarifying some of the confusing information about ozone, why it’s not just a pollutant, how it can help heal your body and who ozone may be most impactful for. 


  • 6:13 What ozone is and how it works in the body 
  • 10:51 How to utilize ozone therapy and apply it to the body
  • 16:42 Starting ozone treatments: how to approach dosage 
  • 17:46 Who is benefiting the most from ozone treatment right now

Guest: Micah Lowe

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