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Doing It Different

Nov 30, 2021

Being in a relationship is hard work - but it doesn’t have to be a struggle all the time. With the right tools, I really believe we can all have the relationship of our dreams. 

This is a special one - I’m sharing 5 relationship tools that my guests have shared with me in some of my favorite episodes. These are tools that have been instrumental in my own relationship. 

Take this as your toolkit to having a deeper relationship, better partnership, better intimacy, and better communication with your partner.  The guests sharing these tools are some of the best coaches, therapists, researchers, and real-life couples figuring it out. 

Each relationship tool is helpful and profound all while being digestible and applicable for you or you and your partner, or any relationship that you want to apply these to. 


  • 4:52 #1: The Relationship Board Meeting with That Sex Chick 
  • 8:38 #2: The Pause with Dr. Alexandra Solomon 
  • 13:52 #3: Mindset theory: hiring your partner to stand for your highest self with Annie Lalla
  • 18:25 #4: Propelling your relationship with therapy with Adee and Michael Cazayoux
  • 26:15 #5: Sex: how often are healthy relationship’s partaking with Dr. Amy Muise

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