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Doing It Different

Nov 2, 2021

With cancer rates rising it’s time to question what has been standard conventional treatment for years and look for a more holistic approach to beating the cancer epidemic. 


Dr. Leigh Erin Connealy is the Medical Director of two amazing clinics: The Cancer Center For Healing & Center For New Medicine. The combined (30,000 square feet) clinics are the largest Integrative Medical Clinic in North America and visited by patients from all over the world with 47,000 patients and growing. 


These clinics use the best of both worlds and combine functional holistic homeopathic, as well as conventional protocols for treatment. Dr. Connealy specializes in cancer prevention and treatment (and how unusual is it to hear the word prevention in regards to cancer). 


She joins me to talk mostly about cancer but also how everything is connected and chronic health and autoimmunity, and metabolic disorders all play a role in our overall health and our cancer risk.


Dr. Leigh has revolutionary ideas about what modern medicine should be and I want us all to consider the possibilities if we made these practices more mainstream. 


  • 17:45 The causes of cancer 
  • 21:46 Why cancer is not simply genetic or even random 
  • 36:41 Conventional cancer care and it’s outcomes 
  • 55:39 Dr. Connealy’s most important message about cancer 

Guest: Dr. Leigh Erin Connealy, M.D.

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