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Doing It Different

Jul 20, 2021

We don’t talk about sex enough, but it’s an integral part of our health and wellness. Today we’re breaking through the culturally “uncomfortable” topic of women’s sexuality - what’s holding us back and how to have incredible sex for the entirety of our lives.

Bat Sheva Marcus has a Ph.D. in Human Sexuality, is the Founder of largest sexual health clinic in the US, Maze Women’s Health, and author of the book Sex Points. She works with women and men on the physiological, as well as the psychological, level to help them overcome challenges in their sex lives.

In this episode, we talk about the evolution of our sex lives as we age and the weird societal norm that says chemistry should last forever (not true!). We dive into why people, especially women, feel shame around pleasure - and what to do about it. Plus, Dr. Marcus explains the four main things that hold women back from incredible sex.

So, let’s talk about incredible sex!


  • 12:28 The 4 main reasons women feel their sex life isn’t working 
  • 28:21 The shame culture around sex 
  • 33:17 Advice for parents to help their kids feel comfortable in their own sexuality and talking about sex
  • 45:32 Orgasms and how to keep them strong
  • 48:09 Hormonal birth control and how that can take away from the sex drive

Guest: Bat Sheva Marcus

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