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Doing It Different

Jan 12, 2021

Nearly half of Americans struggle with at least one chronic illness. Are you ready to reclaim your health?

Everything you eat sends powerful signals to your body. The question is whether those signals are positive or negative. Here to tell us more is functional medicine RD, Ali Miller, who is a leader in the food as medicine movement.

Ali’s work is rooted in using food as medicine in order to optimize health while reducing the need for medications. She’s joining us today to share her knowledge on why stress is the Achilles heel of your health, how to practice stress resilience, and get to a place where anxiety isn’t ruling your life. We also touch on what her own healthy habits are and how to pursue health in the time of a global pandemic.


Episode Highlights: 

  • 5:09 Why Ali chose to pursue functional medicine
  • 10:30 How a functional registered dietitian will approach your health differently than a conventional doctor
  • 15:57 The importance of spirituality on your health
  • 21:19 Ali’s daily go-to habits for wellness
  • 25:04 The three phases of detoxification
  • 30:07 Supporting your liver and gallbladder when detoxing
  • 35:38 Creating synergy when using food as medicine 
  • 37:43 The most common gut health issues and a few of the causes
  • 43:33 Why chronic stress is your Achilles heel
  • 52:18 The six R’s to practice stress resilience
  • 55:12 Where to find Ali and learn more about The Anti-Anxiety Diet

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Guest Bio:

Ali Miller, RD, LD, CDE is a Registered Dietitian with a naturopathic background and a contagious passion for using nutrients and food as the foundation of treatment protocols and programs. She is the author of international best seller The Anti-Anxiety Diet, as well as The Anti-Anxiety Diet Cookbook, and Naturally Nourished: Food-As-Medicine for Optimal Health.

Her Food-As-Medicine philosophy is supported by up-to-date scientific research for a functional, integrative approach to healing the body. Ali is a certified diabetes educator (CDE) and renowned expert in the ketogenic diet with over a decade of clinical results using a unique whole foods approach tailored to support thyroid, adrenal and hormonal balance.

With a mission deeply rooted in the sustainability of our food systems, Ali teaches clients to navigate beyond corporate manipulation and diet trends with an “outside the box” approach to healthy eating. She promotes clean eating and works to unveil the hidden truth of toxins in our food system while sharing the significant health benefits of consuming local, organic, and wild, pasture-raised foods. Ali applies scientifically supported plant and bio-compounds to enhance a patient’s treatment outcomes while reducing medications and their undesired side effects.

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