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Doing It Different

Dec 8, 2020

A lot of life has happened since I launched this show in June. In our first Doing it Different update, Austin is back to chat about what’s new.

It’s pretty crazy to me that I first announced this podcast back in June. I want to extend a big thank you for being here and continuing to support this podcast and my work. I’ve been having so much fun with this project and I appreciate you being on this journey with me. 

Today I have a new fun and interesting episode for you. As I mentioned, Austin and I were on episode 1 together and since then, so much has gone on in our lives and the world around us and we are here to chat about it.  

In our Doing it Different update, we talk about everything from working with a new relationship coach and taking a sex course to surviving quarantine and the election season, this episode is packed with new things you may want to try out yourself.

Episode Highlights: 

  • 4:09 The one addiction Austin struggles with
  • 5:53 A snapshot of how Austin and I have evolved over 9 years
  • 8:04 The biggest things we’ve learned since working with our new relationship coach
  • 13:13 What taking a sex course is like
  • 19:16 Being friends with people who don’t vote like us
  • 24:40 The dangerous game of cancel culture
  • 27:52 How Austin and I have changed our value system since quarantine 
  • 33:49 Three fun new activities I am exploring
  • 36:07 How Austin is working on being a better friend
  • 40:49 What we’re most excited about for the rest of the year

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