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Doing It Different

Nov 3, 2020

Health misconceptions result from conflicting information between practitioners, big food, and the government... and they are leaving people powerless.

Do you ever feel frustrated by conflicting information surrounding your health? Are you ever unsure of what to believe? If so, you are going to appreciate this episode with Dr. Anthony Gustin.

Anthony is well versed in all things health, how the food industry operates, and how the two connect. Today, Anthony is here to deliver straight-forward information and address common health misconceptions that prevent people from improving their health.

We dive into the ketogenic diet, the rise against meat, what having high cholesterol means, and the hope for regenerative farming. 

I hope you enjoy!

Episode Highlights: 

  • 4:13 What keto and ketosis actually mean
  • 7:06 Health misconceptions around women and the ketogenic diet
  • 9:33 Bioindividuality and how it impacts your wellness journey
  • 11:23 The baseline test for trying out new diets
  • 12:47 A common myth about too much protein consumption
  • 16:28 How health misconceptions are impacting our youth
  • 18:52 Unpacking the demonization of protein, meat, and animal products
  • 20:13 Ego, big food, and the effort to maintain the status quo
  • 25:07 Why cholesterol is so important to your overall health
  • 30:00 A holistic point of view: Understanding what you’re trying to optimize
  • 33:29 Three steps to reduce cholesterol and inflammation 
  • 39:19 The importance of focusing on nutrient density above anything else
  • 43:43 Anthony’s regenerative agriculture project
  • 49:17 The problems current regenerative agriculture farms are facing
  • 54:44 The counterintuitive issues resulting from the rise against meat

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Guest Bio:

Dr. Anthony Gustin is the Founder and CEO of Perfect Keto & Equip Foods, host of The Natural State Podcast, author of the best-selling Keto Answers. As a former sports rehab clinician turned entrepreneur trained in functional medicine, he's ordered labs and set treatment plans for hundreds of patients. Today his drive is to keep health simple through fixing your environment in the areas that matter: Nutrition, Movement, Stress/Mental Health, and Sleep/Rest. His ultimate belief that he wants to share with the world is that when you fix your environment, you fix your health. It really can be that easy.