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Doing It Different

Jun 23, 2020

As thyroid health issues are on the rise, it’s more important now than ever to understand what a proper diagnosis looks like and how to get started on a healing journey.

My guest today is someone who, like me, has experience healing Hashimoto’s. Carrie Vitt is a Nutritional Therapist and thyroid, nutrition, and non-toxic living expert. She currently treats patients struggling with thyroid issues as a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, and provides healthy diet lifestyle resources on her website Deliciously Organic. 

Carrie and I are talking today about healing your thyroid. We chat about Carrie’s health journey, why Hashimoto’s is becoming more and more common, practical interventions for thyroid disease, and much more.

Whether you’re just starting your thyroid healing journey, or you’ve been on the path for a while now, this episode is for you.

Episode Highlights

  • 2:11 Introducing Carrie and the story of her thyroid journey 
  • 5:22 Why Carrie turned down thyroid medication and how she was able to eventually reverse her Hashimoto’s diagnosis
  • 8:40 The thyroid disease epidemic and what Carrie sees as a major cause
  • 12:05 How “overdoing it” can negatively impact your health
  • 14:25 Hashimoto’s and Hypothyroidism: How they’re different and how they overlap
  • 19:18 The first lab tests Carrie examines at the beginning of someone’s healing journey
  • 21:13 Some initial lifestyle changes recommended to address thyroid issues 
  • 23:33 Three of the biggest things I did to start healing
  • 27:40 How to know whether you’re eating enough
  • 30:27 Carrie’s non-negotiable interventions for her thyroid patients 
  • 32:11 Do people with vegans or vegetarians have a harder time healing from thyroid issues?
  • 34:05 How long the Hashimoto’s healing process takes (hint: it’s a marathon, not a sprint)
  • 37:23 Changes you’ll see in your labs as your body starts to heal
  • 39:24 Perspectives on medication
  • 43:04 The controversy surrounding iodine: should you take it or not?
  • 47:36 Why liver congestion is popular in people with Hashimoto’s and what you can do to support it
  • 51:07 Thyroid castor oil packs: how they work and who they’re recommended for
  • 55:18 Carrie’s message for women who are struggling on their thyroid journey

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Guest Bio:

Carrie Vitt is a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner at Biodynamic Wellness and is the author of the successful cooking and lifestyle blog and two cookbooks: Deliciously Organic and The Grain-Free Family Table. She has overcome Hashimoto’s herself and runs a course that teaches other people to do the same. She works with clients all over the world helping them restore balance in their bodies and shares valuable health information and recipes on her social channels and website each week.