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Doing It Different

Jun 16, 2020

My husband Austin and I are always looking for ways to improve our relationship and deepen our connection.

Adee and Michael Cazayoux have been an inspiration for us on that journey, and I’m excited to bring them on today. Not only do they run a company together, but they actively work on maintaining a strong relationship and growing, both as a couple and individually.

Michael and Adee talk about the evolution of their relationships, the daily, weekly, and monthly habits that keep them connected, the importance of sex for long-lasting love, and how they each work hard to show up as their best selves in their marriage.


Episode Highlights:

  • 4:37 The birth of Adee and Michael’s relationship
  • 5:45 What it was like living together for the first time in a 30-foot travel trailer
  • 7:08 How success in business has helped with success and structure in Adee and Michael’s relationship
  • 9:14 Building “relationship self-esteem” 
  • 10:35 What led Adee to reframe her perspective around couple’s therapy
  • 15:54 How Adee and Michael’s relationship is different than others
  • 18:19 Keeping things alive and fresh even after five years of marriage
  • 19:40 Adee and Michael’s weekly and quarterly rituals that help them stay connected  
  • 24:30 A shared morning routine for relationship closeness
  • 25:38 The benefit of letting your partner guide you in your goals for growth
  • 28:17 How aspects of Adee and Michael’s marriage have led to their personal growth
  • 33:54 Your partner as a teacher and model for self-improvement
  • 37:18 The importance of sex and how to prioritize it in your relationship
  • 41:02 Why removing the expectation of spontaneous sex is so healthy
  • 42:28 Michael and Adee’s recommendations for improving your sex life - 46:33 sex soundbite
  • 47:06 Building for the future with a baby on the way
  • 51:05 The importance of community and Michael and Adee’s plans for creating a communal space in Austin
  • 54:09 Pieces of advice for having a beautiful relationship

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Guest Bio:

Adee Cazayoux:
Adee Cazayoux is the Founder and CEO of Working Against Gravity (WAG), an online nutrition coaching program with a mission to transform lives.

Having made a name for herself in nutrition, Cazayoux has worked with elite athletes such as Katrin Davidsdottir, Jessica Lucero and Tia Clair-Toomey, just to spotlight a few.

Beyond being a coach to the pros, Cazayoux is a textbook lifelong learner. She completed her Bachelors in Honors Psychology and a Masters in Teaching and is working toward a Masters in Nutrition and Human Performance.

Beyond being an entrepreneur and student of the nutritional sciences, Cazayoux is also an accomplished athlete herself, having competed in the National Pro Grid League, CrossFit Open, and won the Bronze Medal in the 2016 Canadian National Weightlifting Championships. Cazayoux currently lives in Austin, Texas with her loving husband Michael and her Labradoodle, Otis and they’re expecting their first child this year.

Michael Cazayoux:
Michael Cazayoux, president of WAG, specializes in helping his team and clients “get out of their own way” by identifying self-limiting beliefs and ineffective behaviors.

In fact, the back-to-back CrossFit World Cup Champion is no stranger to this unique process of self-examination. At the impressionable age of 17, Cazayoux confronted his own limiting beliefs and ineffective behaviors head on, attending drug rehabilitation to overcome his addiction to opiates. It’s this experience that inspired a love of health and fitness on a personal level, which later translated into a passion for coaching and mentoring inside and out of the gym.

Prior to joining WAG, Michael cofounded Brute Strength, an online fitness training company, where he continues to contribute to operations and remains as the podcast host.

Beyond “the office,” the young entrepreneur is most proud of his marriage to Adee Cazayoux, his partner in love, life and fitness. In his free time, Cazayoux enjoys backpacking, snowboarding, woodworking, bow shooting, hunting and creating enormous value in people’s lives — especially his closest family and friends.